Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eight Months?!

No, I wasn't pregnant.  Yeesh.  But I just realized that the last time I posted here was... in August.  It's now nearly April.  I'm about to turn 31 (which is a pretty cool prime number), and while things have oscillated between exploding and progressing smoothly at home, I'm finally getting to the point where I feel good enough (and am pushing back enough on day-job work) to get some sewing done.

That said, I haven't exactly *finished* a lot just yet, but I've got a lot of stuff in the hopper. I'm planning to blog more here, so let me tell you a little about what's on deck - if there's anything you want to see more about, let me know so I can write up a post about it.

  • military-blanket German camp follower gown (zomg I did some smocking!)
  • awful Regency corset of DOOM project
  • art deco pajamas
And I think I'm also supposed to tell you about the Mucha outfit at some point... oh hrm.

Aside from that I'm also pondering how to re-order my living and working space at home. I realized at some point that the fact that my worktable is also my sewing machine fixery bench and ironing board really contributes to the project-blockage that I experience all too frequently.  (That said, I have something like five sewing machines waiting for small parts so I can send them on down the line to their next homes.

Hilariously, what I really logged on to post about in the first place will have to wait until I can get some better pictures.  I went to the Vintage Clothing Expo yesterday in San Francisco and bought a really neat 1894ish study piece!