Saturday, June 8, 2013

It goes around again

I've been having a slow period for costuming, and I apologize. The grey silk 18th c corset has stalled out in favor of other, fancy interesting projects.  But I had to share this.

Last year for CoCo I made an "antidote dress", which is to say a quick, easy, fast-to-make, zero fancy undergarment dose of "ha-HA, it is DONE".  It's a therapy dress. It's an emotional uplift dress.  Anyway, it's a one-piece wrap dress (three if you count the two ties I added) from a 1960s pattern, made from a piece of fabric I found at a thrift store.

This morning as I woke late, I realized that I had to get a load of laundry in the washer *today* or face dire consequences. The laundry room in our building was quiet, so I had approximately fifteen minutes to get this together.  Normally I would reach for the bare minimum to make myself decent outstide - yoga pants and a pajama top - but they were all in the wash. (I did say *dire* right?)

And then I saw the Jiffy dress, hanging on the peg where I'd left it to try to let the last wrinkles hang out. I threw it on.  I ran outside and put the first load in. (Whew!)  My neighbor stopped me and asked me what brand the dress was.

And when I looked down, I realized that the color and pattern combination of my 1960's mod-take-on-barkcloth print rayon dress... is back in.  Maybe a modern version would have a brighter set of blues, but super bright crazy patterns with a black element are *in*.