Saturday, April 6, 2013

Okay, literally a month later...

I can't be too hard on myself really.  Because I've been a busy bee this month, and it's amazing that I've had time for any sewing of any sort at all. And in fact, a lot of the sewing I've been doing is "fill time" mending and hemming and eyelets and endless linen ball-buttons for unspecified Renaissance undergarments... in cars and airports and taxis and airplanes and hotel rooms.

Yeah, it's been a traveling month (ski trip, backpacking, ski trip, work travel), capped with a weekend celebrating turning a decade older. Yow!

So today I whipped myself into a froth sewing all the remaining bone cases, measuring and marking grommet placement, and just consoling myself to the fact that as pretty as it is, this Waverly Barono stuff is *crap* to sew with, and I am perfectly justified in never wanting to work with it ever again.

I am not kidding. It takes a lot to get to my (as one ex put it) "fuckit horizon", but this one got me there early. I'm not finishing the edges. I'm not making hand bound eyelets. I'm not even doing anything special for the thread ends, and I'm honestly debating *not* binding it at all.
Right, so... We'll see how this goes.  Laid flat it looks blocky and ugly. But let me tell you, readers, do not attempt to put on a completely unboned corset mockup. Man, it's the most frustrating thing ever. :P  And now I need to run off to the weekend's activities.


  1. I hate to hear that about the fabric. I ordered enough to make an open-robe (in the dark brown colorway) and realized the texture wasn't what I needed when it arrived. I'd hoped to put it to use as something else, but if it sucks to sew with, I guess it will be damned to the charity pile.

    If it's any consolation, they're pretty mock-ups!

    1. It's just such an open weave, it's really hard to work with unless you reinforce the edges first. You might make it less awful by serging each piece, but for a mockup I wasn't willing to spend the time. Let me know how that goes if you do!