Monday, February 25, 2013

Just called to say...

Hawaii dress #1 is done.

There are definitely things I'd do differently next time, but trying to accommodate my bust *and* have cute sleeves in a kimono-cut sleeve like this is going to require darts or gathering or pleats or SOMETHING.  Also, I'd like a do-over on the neckline. And I'd grade the adorable hip drape slightly fuller at my size.

Cropped because it as like THE most face-unflattering photo evar.
STILL!  It is done. Not just wearable, but hemmed, because I'm planning on wearing this to the final "dance party" class in our Lindy Hop series tomorrow night. I probably won't get around to doing Victory Rolls, but hey.  At some point I will, and then I just need to find an appropriately tropical or tiki-themed place for a photo shoot.  (There is always Forbidden Island.... Right?)

Oh, and the Regency stays are gettin' there. I confused the hell out of my optometrist today in the waiting room. I may try to make the hawking pouch I have planned, though that'll have to be all hand stitching with glover's needles, bleh.  The important part is that I'm getting down to the bottom of the pile, and then comes...

The choice.  Which do I start on next?  I'm thinking 18th century stays.  Something nice and transitional, right before the Chemise de la Reigne, but something that I could dress down and wear a caraco and petticoat with. I should probably whip up a Regency gown or two. Oh, and I think I've got 10 yards of white cotton voile, so I'm debating... well, there's always the aforesaid nightgown, though this stuff was ostensibly bought for an 1860s sheer dress.  We'll see.


  1. OMG, I am so excited to finally see a full shot of this thing in action!!

    Also, I had a hilarious nannying moment last summer when I was hand stitching on my stays and one of the kids innocently asked me what they were- cause I mean, hell if they knew. I just said 'a costume, sweetie'. Kids tend to accept that way better than adults.

    1. Yeah, my optometrist doesn't get a lot of sewing in his waiting room. I'm pretty sure that would've been fine. :)

  2. Also I think you should do some kind of scandalous 1780's muslin dress. You know, the kind that got Marie Antoinette into trouble :-D

    1. I'm thinking about it... but it would just be so... trendy right now. :P