Monday, December 31, 2012

Indecision 2013

No this is not an election post. Well, not really.  Not the US government at least.

At some point in the last year I caved in and stopped writing my To Do lists in various and assorted binders, notepads, sketchbooks, folders, and folios, and started a Google Doc of the projects I wanted to get done.

That doc is about three pages long now. Among the sewing things are such items as "Learn Google App Engine; make a taggable collection database" and "Tinsmithing". And such long-delayed things as "Medieval kirtle and gown" (circa Costume College 2011, when the bonus track was medieval) and "Fix striped bustle gown" (circa 2006?). 

I've also got some new projects to work on like making a German dress so I can go play with all the Deutschers on my list, like making additional Art Deco stuff because dangit it's so COMFY, and more Victorian stuff because, well, why not? There is so much to do, and I'm having trouble picking the first one to start on. 

This, dear readers, is where you come in: Leave a comment, help me choose what three items I should prioritize. Pick one from each list, or three from a single list, I don't care. :) Just help me narrow it down!

Non-sewing, but sewing-related things:
  • Write an article on salvaging deteriorated patterns
  • Scan Petersen’s Magazine
  • Transcribe over The Ladies Wardrobe Unlock’d
  • Take a pattern from the 1930s girdle
  • Take a pattern from Edwardian bodice
  • Shareable pattern/artifact database
  • Document new old Singer machine (howto videos?)
  • Scan 1946 California Stylist
Sewing things to finish:
  • Finish English Gown
  • Finish 1946 dress
  • Rework striped bustle
  • Make Transitional stays
  • Rework Restoration Hardware polonaise 
  • Finish Edwardian underwear
  • Restart Edwardian outfit?
New stuff: 

  • New 18th century stays (opens up all sorts of new possibilities)
  • 16th century German T-front dress
  • Felicite curtains dress
  • 1820s corset with French holes
  • Roller print 1830s dress (requires new corset, petticoat, drawers, sleeve plumpers?)
  • Siren Suit
  • Pink Drink Commando dress
  • Medieval kirtle & gown
  • Unspecified 1930s bias gown
  • Beach Pyjamas
  • Allegory of Fall bustle
  • Velveteen riding habit (requires additional corsetry)
  • New calico Victorian (pioneer/prarie dress)
  • 19th century Caraco
  • Goth Hawaiian dress
  • Black and white border print 1950s dress 
  • (1950s crinoline for above)
  • Pre-quilted Victorian petticoat
  • Rayon velvet 1930s dress
  • Wool flannel petticoat
  • Cotton flannel petticoat