Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's funny, because I haven't felt like I've gotten a lot of sewing done recently. Really, it's just that I haven't *finished* much, and what I have hasn't been full outfits. I have a stack of alterations and fixing to do that's about half a couch-worth. I believe I might bring some of it with me on my normal Monday date... maybe.

And so of course I then start in on a 1930s dress. It's going shockingly fast - but then by "shockingly fast" I really mean "I didn't make (more) underwear and so the one layer is going quickly". I should be able to wear the 1930's teddy from last year over the 30's style hip corset I have, and be all set.

So then there's the really cool Victorian bifurcated bicycling skirt that I finally figured out, and I should alter that and finish it. And the Hawaii playsuit that I got mostly done while on the plane. And the gorgeous red 1930s wrap top that I need to hem (how do you hem 4-way stretch material? yikes), and the purchased stripey 18th century gown that I need to add hooks to. If it wasn't for the fact that this is going to be in LA, I'd just wear the Kentwell kit allll weekend....

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