Wednesday, June 13, 2012

T-Minus 2 Days

I will say this for this crazy thing I am doing: my handsewing has gotten much, much better, and much faster.

The secret?  Shorter, finer needles, and shorter lengths of thread. And a thimble when I have many layers to push through. (That's right folks, thimble is for pushing, not for preventing you from stabbing your fingers, as my spotted and pricked digits will attest.)

Here's the laundry list of ToDo:
Handsewing on first smock: fix neckline, add cuff buttons, shorten sleeve slit, add laundry mark.
Handsewing on second smock: fell the inner seams, cuff buttons, cut and hem neckline, add laundry mark.
Kirtle: finish the laces and put on their chapes, hem it. (Possibly lacing holes for sleeves? Not sure and that can be done when I get there.)
Gown: Cut and attach puffy cap sleeves, cut skirting, sew skirting, attach skirting to bodice. Trim and guards? (Maybe later)
Aprons: hem second green apron, cut and sew both black and white aprons. Cut additional black aprons, give away green apron kits?

Crafts and props:
Coifs: Done
Belt: Done, except it probably should be trimmed down a bit. It's reeeeallly long.
Rosary: Done.
Pouch: dyed and cut, waiting to get assembled and strung.
Commonplace book: text printed, waiting for me to get a chance to actually make a binding for it.

I'm trying to figure out how much of my in flight time should be spent sewing, and how much *should* be sleeping. Somewhere in there I also need to pack...

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