Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ow my hands

I'm still triaging things so that I have nothing but handsewing to do; consequently I don't have anything *done*, but I have several things that are wearable.

One coif needs the ear tabs taken down a notch, the other needs its draw-cord inserted into the channel.
The smock arms needed about 4 extra inches, so that addition is waiting for extra hand-felling, then to be gathered into the cuffs, and then the cuffs need fastenings, and then I need to cut the neckline and fell it.
I've got one green apron hemmed on three sides, and decided that overcasting the apron strings is a stupid stupid idea. I'm going to machine-close the other two with a pull-string to invert them, and just hand hem the second apron proper.
The petticoat bodice needs the armpit boning cut down a smidge and then the armhole re-sewn.
The kirtle bodice is all but done - I spent today doing the side lacing eyelets while watching Pride and Prejudice. I haven't hemmed the neckline yet, because I want to make absolutely sure it's in the right place before I do.  The skirting will be tomorrow's project.
Then it's on to the Gown and Sleeves. (Dum-dum-DUUUUM!)
 I still need to cut out the white apron, and the second smock, and possibly another partlet depending on if the existing one actually fits over the kirtle bodice decently. Maybe a black apron? Who knows.

Aside from the sewing, I need to notch my piece of leather strapping to fit the buckle I bought, make tying laces and put their chapes on them, make sure I have socks enough for while I'm there, find or make an acceptable pouch, make a new rosary, and finish the oak trencher that I started today. THAT's why my hands hurt. I've only ever carved pine before, and this oak is incredibly inconsistent and irritating to carve. And did I mention hard?  It's HARD.  Ow.

So much to do...

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