Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Of Edwardian Bras

The fact that there are no pictures of me in the 1940's playsuit should be testament to the fact that It Did Not Get Done In Time.  In fact, I finished all but the button and buttonhole on the shorts... on the five hour plane flight *home*.  Whoops.  Since the weather has been unabashedly nasty over here, I think I'll wait to take pictures.  But it is pretty cute, truth.

Instead, I moved on to attempting to make a Titanic dress.  Siiiigh.

The 1910s corset is done (as previously mentioned), but I've been waffling badly over the top garment. I simply cannot go without one at my bust measurement, both for decency and comfort's sake.  So I started in on making a bandeau from an extrapolation of a pattern taken from something in my collection.  Holy cow, NO.  It didn't look right *at all*. At my cup size, pleated bandeaus make me look deformed and lumpy, so not only are they uncomfortable and unattractive, but it gives the totally wrong line.  I think I may have actually thrown the thing across the room when I realized this.

I then spent a very long time looking at research, and extant garments, and and and.  And finally I realized - for my size, in this era, I basically need to make a fitted corset cover.

So I took my sloper block, and I traced around it, pivoting out the darts in the front strap and armsceye.  And tonight I put them together, braved the buttonholer on June (first time using it!) and then cut and fiddled the resulting vest-looking item into the correct neckline.  Right now it's done but for the (damn-near impossible to neatly roll) arm hole edges.  I ran a piece of eyelet beading all the way around it under the bust, and I cut the back a bit extra short to give a bit of lift.  I also made the straps *really* narrow (but still twice as wide as a normal bra strap) and placed them almost on the shoulder so I could, if I wanted to, do one of the wide boat-neck style necklines.  (I'm still deciding what the dress is going to be like, gah.)

I have a little over a week to drape a dress.  I get this feeling it's not going to actually get done.  ::facepalm::


  1. Have faith. Pretend your reading public is a bunch of rabid, howling wolves that DEMAND to see your Titanic-related excellence in a timely manner. (Because wolves are really into historic fashion. It's true.)

    Now, SEW! Sew for your very life!

  2. As this is the very first comment on the blog, you must be exceptionally frightening in wolf-form. ;)

    I'll see what I can do!