Saturday, October 15, 2011

The To Do List

I'm attempting to actually post here more, partly because LiveJournal is truly on the wane (despite what the gap between my last two posts would have you infer), and partly because I feel like I could compartmentalize more and not have to hide so much inane costume drivel from folks.

So I need to get in the habit of using this thing instead. Right, here goes.

This summer I went to Costume College in the new location. It was fabulous and totally different from the event when it was held in Van Nuys. *So* much better. And this upcoming year's theme is "The Golden Age of Hollywood", so I'm dreaming of 1930s and 1940's gowns and trying to figure out the correct combination of girdle and undergarment and stockings. (Tricky!) I literally have a three foot stack of fabrics. It's a bit obscene. Especially since I haven't yet even got to the part where I'm ready to start - oh no - I have too many other projects in the queue at the moment.

First off, I have a quickie faux-Victorian ensemble to put together for a Victorian Haunted House I'm going to be a part of. That should be a fun event, and I can get away with (costuming) murder there because a) it'll be dark and b) I'll be dressed in mourning. Acetate taffeta? Not a problem! Anachronistic hair color? Nobody will see! Happy times.
So that piece came out of the Tub of Blackness, and it turned out that I had some huge old formal gown skirt in black taffeta that someone had ripped down a side-back seam, ostensibly to reuse the nice heavy fabric for something else. I restored the seam, slit the center of the back and added a continuous placket, then pleated it into a waistband. I need to try it on before I sew everything down, and thither did I falter. The thing is draped across my ironing board currently, looking forlorn.

Next, I owe some attention to a slew of Renaissance garments - first I need to take in the MAAS bodice, which I wore today to Casa as well. It could use a chunk taken from the back, but the front is a bit more important at this point, so I can actually get some support from the silly thing. I may do that by adding tucks astride the lacing, and then covering them with bias guarding. Still not sure.
Once I've got that sorted, I need to take the alteration to the pattern and make a very similar gown for St George. Households, you know. Plain English, but of a style that I have a bit of trouble getting behind - I realize now that there is much better research out there now, and what I see as households looks rather anachronistic. Nevermind, I'll make it and wear it and it'll be fine.

And since I mentioned Casa, I'm now jonesing for a German gown. I'm going to paw through my collection of woolens and see what I've got that's of the correct length. I've already started accessorizing the thing, inadvertently as it turns out. I bought a pair of duckbill shoes from Claudia when my old Faire maryjanes died unexpectedly at Notes at MAAS, and I now have a certain amount of golden neckbling. Hurrah!

Right, where was I again? Oh yeah, and then there's Dickens. I still need to make the butt-bow to go with the 1860's bodice for the Blues. That shouldn't take long, but it's also been sitting there staring at me for a good while and I've had too much of a case of CADD to touch it.

Oh, and Laurie was kind enough to help me fit a pattern for a medieval gown, which I have not yet made up. And I still have three different pairs of Regency stays I ought to finish, and at least enough yardage to make another three Regency sheer gowns.

And this is _on top of_ the 1930s stuff I want to make. This is going to be a long haul.

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