Saturday, October 22, 2011

The joys of packrattery

I'm participating in a Victorian Haunted House, as noted previously.
I've been working on the ensemble, and today I went through the costume closet for accessories. I have four pairs of black gloves. Three black fans. No mourning hankies, but I could easily change that. But when I went to grab the random black decorated wrap that I made yeeears ago out of half of a faux-woolen table skirt, the hanger was inexplicably heavy.

Possibly because the giant black taffeta reticule I made back at my very first Costume College was attached, and said item was filled with black mourning ensemble accessories. ::facepalm::
Make that five pairs of black gloves, a black veil, a glitzy Victorian cross on a chatelaine pin, and one giant black taffeta reticule.
Add to that black boots, black stockings, and a black button-down shirt with tuxedo pin-tucks and a black blazer like jacket that I got at Target yeeears ago - and um, I'm pretty much good to go. Yay!

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